Recap: General Assembly (#2)

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As the winds of innovation continue to push us forward, it’s essential to gather periodically to reflect, recalibrate, and recommit to our shared goals. The recent general assembly of MareGraph stands as a testament to this principle, offering a platform for collaboration, learning, and progress. This was a 2 day event in Ghent and Brussles from March 22-23rd 2024.

Our partners in Work Package 2 successfully translated OSLO into English, a pivotal step towards accessibility and inclusivity. But translation was just the beginning; the team also undertook the arduous task of redefining processes and methods, identifying obstacles, and providing invaluable insights that promise to streamline our project’s trajectory. The presentation of our overview at the SEMIC conference in October 2023.

Meanwhile, Work Package 3 embarked on its journey with a focus on iteration. Currently immersed in the WoRMS cycle, the team is gearing up for public reviews scheduled to commence in March. As April unfolds, the EuROBIS thematic workshops will kick off, promising a dynamic exchange of ideas and insights.

Work Package 5, spearheaded by VLIZ, orchestrated workshops on two fronts: embedding of LDES client and EUROBIS LDES design brainstorming. These sessions served as incubators for innovation, fueling discussions on optimizing workflows and enhancing design frameworks.

In the spirit of collaboration, our partners at CNR and VLIZ will led a joint workshop focusing on Vocabularies, particularly LOV (Linked Open Vocabularies) at the upcoming SEMIC June 2024 Conference. Through LOV’s visual interface, participants will be able to gauge the reuse of existing assets and the vocabulary’s prevalence across different contexts. The adoption of a standardized workbench for collaboration and modeling processes emerged as a key recommendation, paving the way for seamless integration of vocabularies within local settings. Moreover, the prospect of automatic publication on Joinup’s standard registry opens doors for broader engagement and effective application.

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See you next at SEMIC 2024!

MareGraph Team