Post: D5.1: WoRMS/LOD Gap Analysis Introduction Session

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To continue to build the community around project MareGraph and a natural next step to keep everyone up to date. I would like to invite you to a short introduction session on Deliverable 5.1: WoRMS/LOD Gap Analysis, led by work package 5: Technical implementation (VLIZ).

It will be a general introduction (β€˜30mins) but the nature of the topic touches upon technical aspects. This report brings the ideas of D4.1: Architecture whitepaper into practice and will create an opportunity early on for ideas we may have missed. We would like to give the opportunity for devs or tech colleagues to ask questions.

This intro session might be particularly interesting to EmodnetBio phase 5 because D5.1 may serve as a template for providing an LDES feed for the bodc-nerc-vocab resp for SeaDataNet linked open data.

If are interested in joining this session please indicate availabilities here.

Please complete the doodle by Friday (22/09), MS Teams link to follow shortly.

We look forward to an insightful discussion.